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Sustainable Environment Business
Among various factors that threaten the survival of the human race, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and increase in its concentrations are the main causes of global warming. Currently, governments and companies worldwide recognize the seriousness that the international community shouldn't delay further efforts to reduce GHG emissions. To tackle the issue, countries around the world are looking for the most optimal policies suitable for their situations and circumstances among three types of solutions such as 'direct reduction (carbon capture, utilization, and storage, CCUS)', 'indirect reduction (improvement of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and RE100) and 'carbon offset.' To achieve carbon neutrality in Korea by 2050 based on an energy-intensive industry structure and nuclear power reduction policy, government-affiliated organizations and large companies have started considering various factors to develop the best policy proposals. To respond to climate change, we need to have a sustainable and exemplary environmental business model that we can put into practice right now, not later. And Bizmarvel will discover innovative business models.

About Bizmarvel

Currently, Bizmarble is conducting projects designing devices and the relevant system to reduce carbon dioxide and methane.

The carbon reduction device is considered an innovative solution using Carbon Capture Decomposition (CCD) method rather than existing methods such as CCU and CCS. It's designed to decompose and reduce carbon dioxide (CO₂) and methane(CH₄) using microalgae and adsorption filters. It is attached with a sensor to measure the amount of inflow, decomposition, and emissions of carbon and methane in real time. Our business model aims to store carbon decomposition data in the blockchain and secure 'Korean credit units,' a 'cash cow' in the platform for carbon emissions trading. Bizmarble will provide innovative technologies and suggest solutions to achieve carbon neutrality for the efforts of the government, companies, and individuals to pay off by decomposing and reducing carbon generated in our daily life.

CCD Device Business

[ CCD : Carbon Capture Decomposition ] "CCD device designed to reduce and decompose carbon dioxide and methane using microalgae and activated carbon catalyst"

Basic process: Our technology helps reduce carbon dioxide and methane by more than 90% through the primary stage of decomposing with Dunaliella microalgae that survives in high salt water and the secondary stage of contracting with a self-developed catalyst. Dunaliella is a marine microalga that can decompose carbon dioxide through photosynthesis. It's a biological conversion technology that can decompose and reduce both carbon dioxide and methane at the same time. It's also considered a breakthrough device in that the equipment is relatively simple. Our test shows that two harmful substances can be entered by 5 to 7% simultaneously, resulting in average decomposition and reduction by 90 to 95% just after 4 minutes. Like so, we aim to achieve carbon neutrality by installing the device in the following areas to capture, decompose, and reduce carbon dioxide and methane.


We introduce you to Bizmarble services.

CCD Device

01CCD Device
A device designed to reduce carbon dioxide and methane using microalgae and adsorption fillers
02CCD Device System
A device attached with a sensor and a communication device module to store and utilize data in the server

CCD System


03Blockchain System
A system to save data that is not damaged and modified for the verification and acquisition of Korean credit units
04CO₂ Trade Platform
To enter the 'carbon credit' platform market with transactions worth 2 billion won a day (based on 2021) take place as 'Korean credit units'

Co2 Trade


05P2P CO₂ Trade Platform
A platform service where mutual trading is possible by measuring, decomposing, and reducing carbon emissions between individuals
Practice the importance of carbon neutrality with a game designed to protect and nurture endangered animals affected by climate change

P2P Co2 Platform


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